Prey Gets New Screenshots, as Well as Details About Weapons, Crafting, and More

Prey Gets New Screenshots, as Well as Details About Weapons, Crafting, and More

Today — via Game Informer — new screenshots of Arkane Studios’ Prey have surfaced, as well as a few tidbits about the game, including things like weapons and crafting.

Here are the new screenshots:


This is an image of one of the game’s recycle machines, where you can transfer everything in your inventory that’s junk, and produce a variety of different building resources via said junk. You know, recycling? With this particular feature, Arkane wanted to make something a bit different from the various crafting systems you find in other games, that are usually all pretty similar. According to lead designer Ricardo Bare, Arkane wanted to make the experience of crafting as “physical as possible” rather than making it abstract. So how the machines work is that when you dump your junk into them you will actually get to watch what is being made. You pop in those little cubes you see in the picture into slots, and then select things from the screen, but rather than have things pop up on an abstract 3D menu, it all happens in-world. This was in part done to simply make the game feel more grounded and real.


This image is of the Gloo Gun, a defensive weapon, that scientists on Talos I (the ship which the game takes place on) have used as a type of riot foam to subdue aliens and freeze them in place. However, the gun can be used for more than freezing alien baddies. For example, it can be used for as a tool to plug holes in gas pipes or to make a foam pile, makeshift staircase.


What’s this an image of? Recycle charges of course. Recycle charges are little grenade-like devices that are ike mobile recyclers — essential portable versions of Recycle Machines. The device itself is a prototype that was created by an engineer on Talos I, but players can create more of them once they find the required blueprints. You deploy the device by dropping it in a room, where it compacts everything into recycling ingredients. It can also be used as a weapon, and is said to be very, very damaging.

And that’s it folks. You can check out all of our previous coverage on Prey here.