Prey Images Reveal Equipment and Enemy Lore Through Protagonist’s Journal

Prey Images Reveal Equipment and Enemy Lore Through Protagonist’s Journal

What can Morgan Yu's recorded thoughts tell us about the new Prey? 11 pages of the journal have been released with a full-length book expected to be coming in the future.

There’s still a bit we don’t know about the world behind Arkane Studios’ new Prey title, but new information seemingly being released by the game’s protagonist makes strides to enlighten us about its lore.

Players will progress the game through the eyes of protagonist Morgan Yu, fighting to survive and finding new ways of hiding amongst the horrors on Talos I. Throughout the game, Morgan will continue to discover new information about the Typhon and the game’s setting, but in today’s reveal, we get Morgan’s journal, documenting his/her findings and teasing some of what players can expect to discover.

“Important message from the TranStar Corporation Central Office of Communications. As requested, please find enclosed the journal of Morgan Yu, confiscated from him following his research aboard TranStar space station Talos I. In the interest of ensuring Dr Yu’s story is told, please feel free to share any of the information enclosed inside as far as possible. Only with this knowledge will you be fully armed to counter the Typhon threat aboard Talos I.”

The following gallery is apparently only a taste of what is planned to be a full-length physical book release.

Prey is coming to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on May 5. Recently, we learned that not only will Morgan have a plethora of bullet-based weaponry, but s/he will be able to take on Typhon powers, most notably the ability to transform into mundane objects.