Prey Patch 1.2 Leads to a New Recycling Glitch

Prey Patch 1.2 Leads to a New Recycling Glitch

Players have been finding numerous ways to break many of Prey’s systems and mechanics.

From crafting an infinite amount of materials to finishing the game in less than 20 minutes, developer Arkane Studios has had their work cut out for them these past few weeks since Prey’s launch.

Patch 1.2 arrived last week and it fixed a lot of issues found by players, including the crafting glitch. But it seems like players have already discovered a new way to duplicate an infinite amount of materials, albeit this new glitch works slower than the previous one.

A reddit user discovered the glitch and shared his findings with the world via YouTube. You can check out the video he posted down below.

Prey is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can check out our review for Prey by clicking right here.