Prey Speedrunners Are Already Finishing the Game in Under 20 Minutes

Prey Speedrunners Are Already Finishing the Game in Under 20 Minutes

Prey may have only come out a few days ago but that hasn't prevented players from beating it in a baffling amount of time.

Bethesda and Arkane Studios newest release Prey came out just three short days ago and already players are finding new ways to speedrun through the game’s eerie corridors.

Earlier today, YouTuber DraQu posted a video of himself beating the sci-fi horror shooter in under twenty minutes. Yes, you read that correctly. DraQu’s official time clocked in at 19 minutes and 34 seconds which means it would take more time for you to watch an episode of your favorite sitcom — without commercials — in the same time that DraQu finished Prey.

Of course, times like these aren’t achieved without the utilization of certain glitches. As seen in the video for the speedrun, DraQu uses a couple of different methods that allow him to clip through the walls of the Talos-1. Then, through the use of platforming and some additional help from Prey‘s GLOO cannon weapon, he quickly navigates to where he needs to be and bypasses many of the game’s areas.

The craziest thing about DraQu’s run is that it’s no longer even the world record. According to the leaderboards, a player by the name of Havrd currently owns the record at a time of 17 minutes and 56 seconds. You can go here to find his Twitch stream archive and watch his run as well if you’re interested.

If speedrunners are already beating Prey this quickly three days after release, imagine where they will be this time next week. Check out DraQu’s speedrun for yourself below to get an idea for the methods players are using to beat Prey so quickly. In addition, keep an eye out for our review of the game which should go live within the coming days.