Primal Carnage Fires Off New Raptor and Trapper Gameplay Trailer

on September 6, 2012 6:20 PM

Primal Carnage, the online first person shooter that pits man vs dinosaur as playable characters, recently released a new character showcase featuring the Trapper and the Raptor. A control freak by nature, the trapper’s gameplay is about mitigating the terror that is being preyed upon by prehistoric predators. Armed with a netgun (as well as two pistols), the trapper’s role is to slow down or fully immobilize dinosaurs before they can get the jump on the human side of the conflict. While a dinosaur is captured, the trapper’s knife ensures a one-hit kill.

On the dinosaur side, we have the Raptor. While the idea of Raptors is nightmare fuel for me, players will have the chance to use the miniscule, maneuverable menace to make mince meat of enemies. Nimble and Stealthy, the Raptor’s ability pounce on enemies from high points will keep the tension high during matches. Compared to the T-Rex, the raptor is relatively easy to take out, but quick thinkers with even quicker fingers will jump at the chance to play this cold-blooded killer. Primal Carnage is currently in beta, anyone who pre-orders the game will have a chance to play the beta as well.

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