Primal: The Awakening Brings Monster Hunter to Your Tabletop

Primal: The Awakening Brings Monster Hunter to Your Tabletop

Primal: the Awakening brings the combat, crafting, and character progression of Monster Hunter to the board game world.

Primal: the Awakening is the latest board game to clear the $1 million mark on Kickstarter. Seeing as how it aims to translate the Monster Hunter experience to the tabletop, that makes a ton of sense. After all, the idea of working through a campaign where you hunt monsters and craft high-powered gear has always been a hit in video games. If the team at Reggie Games can live up to those lofty standards, we might have a heavy hitter on our hands. Check it out below.

Primal: the Awakening is a cooperative monster hunter for 1-4 players. As you’d expect from a massive Kickstarter, the game brings several gorgeous miniatures to the table. You’ll receive 17 large-scale minis that are sure to look great on your table. However, it’s not just the minis that have me excited. Primal also uses deck crafting and character customization in some really nifty ways.

Attacking in Primal requires you to carefully plan out your combo sequences. You do this by playing cards from your hand, but you can’t just do it all willy-nilly. The game uses a stamina system that forces you to discard cards to generate points for using other cards. On top of all that, the monster you’re attacking will also trigger attacks based on what you and your friends do.

It might sound confusing at first, but once you dig in, it appears to be a clean system. As you successfully hunt monsters, you’ll earn resources that you can use to craft better gear. This allows you to change your character’s loadout and playstyle as you move through the campaign.

Primal: the Awakening looks absolutely massive. If you’re a Monster Hunter fan give this one a look. It’s on Kickstarter for 13 more days.