The Prince of Persia Comes to For Honor in Limited-Time Event

In their latest crossover event in For Honor, Ubisoft rolls back the sands of time to bring the Prince of Persia to the melee action brawler.

For Honor has quietly become a solid entry in Ubisoft’s stable of franchises. The multiplayer-focused action game has slowly but surely added tons of content over the past years, continuing to deliver interesting and varied fighters to the lineup. Today, Ubisoft announced that the latest crossover event in the game will add the Prince of Persia to your battles. Give it a look below.

The Prince of Persia brings a brand new event, Ruler of Time. This mode transforms the Harbor map and adds deadly sand creatures to the Dominion matches. They aren’t the only thing to worry about, as the Prince of Persia himself will come out of the sand and attack players. His periodic forays into battle will come without impunity. Everyone needs to be on their toes when he hits the battlefield. Two weeks into the event, he will “transform into the merciless Dark Prince”. Ubisoft isn’t giving specifics on what that means just yet, but players will find out when Chapter 2 kicks off on March 19.

Alongside the event, For Honor is getting 26 new weapons to loot in battle through April 2. You’ll also get a free new Event Pass. This lets you earn your way through 30 tiers of gear and loot. This includes new outfits, emblems outlines, and much more. Finally, there are two new outfits that will be available for purchase in the store. All told, it feels like a substantial event for veteran players that could bring in some new fans given the inclusion of the fan-favorite character.

For Honor is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Prince of Persia event is going on right now, with Chapter 2 set to kick off on March 19. The event ends on April 2, so get in there soon.

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