Original Prince of Persia Creator Hints at Resurrecting the Franchise

Original Prince of Persia Creator Hints at Resurrecting the Franchise

Jordan Mechner gives some more-than-wishful words regarding the continuation of the Prince of Persia franchise. Will we see it resurface in the near future?

Long ago in the ancient days of the mid-2000s, the Prince of Persia franchise ruled the video game lands. The Prince showed us the glory of parkour before anybody knew that assassin’s had any kinds of creed. Those were good days, and apparently Jordan Mechner, the original creator of Prince of Persia, does more than just agree. He wants to bring them back.

It’s been seven years since the Prince of Persia series featured a new game. But one fateful day, Mechner responded to a tweet from Chrissy Teigan, who expressed her fondness for the franchise and how much she missed it. Mechner didn’t come right out and confirm any release date or even development, but he gave more than just a thanks.

So something is happening with the Prince of Persia franchise. What? We don’t know. By who? We also don’t know. When? …You get the idea.  But considering the fact that the series has laid dormant for so many years, this seems to be more than just hopeful, honeyed words.

Though, the decision may not be entirely up to Mechner. He wasn’t the only person to respond to Teigan’s tweet — so did the current IP holder, Ubisoft Montreal. And Ubisoft’s statement seems a little less promising:

Worth noting, Ubisoft Montreal regards the series as “on pause” and not dead, so there is a chance that both statements may line up.

Mechner was involved in the Prince of Persia franchise in the mid-2000s, but as mentioned before, he was the creator of the franchise from the very beginning, on the much lesser known Apple II title Prince of Persia back in 1989. The 2003 series may be better known today, but the original was quite the platformer in its day.