Princess Connect Re:Dive 3rd Anniversary Stream Summary – New Characters Revealed

Princess Connect Re:Dive 3rd Anniversary Stream Summary – New Characters Revealed

All the announcements from the Princess Connect Re:Dive 3rd anniversary special live stream, including new characters, quests and dungeons.

Cygames celebrated the third anniversary of Princess Connect Re:Dive with a special live stream, introducing new characters, dungeons, features, and gifting Jewels to players.

While not as big as Cygames’ flagship title Granblue Fantasy, Princess Connect, also named Priconne by fans, has grown considerably in three years. Cygames and Crunchyroll Games recently launched Princess Connect in English as well. Keep in mind all the details below only concern the Japanese version though.

While Cygames is also working on Uma Musume, finally launching on February 24 in Japan, and Granblue Fantasy Relink, coming to PS4 and PS5 in 2022, Priconne is one of its most important IPs.

The 3rd anniversary stream featured several seiyuu voicing Princess Connect Re:Dive characters:

  • M.A.O (Pecoline)
  • Miku Itō (Kokkoro)
  • Rika Tachibana (Cal)
  • Yuka Ōtsubo (Shinobu)
  • Asami Takano (Anna)

The stream included several segment with the seiyuu playing the minigames in Priconne. Some of the news were also shared before the stream began. We’ve got all the big announcements below.

Princess Connect Re:Dive 3rd Anniversary Stream

Shiori (Magical) rerun, voiced by Ami Koshimizu

Magical girl themed event rerun

3rd anniversary celebration illustrations and artwork

Several quests will have their drop rates tripled, and their Stamina cost halved  for a limited time frame.

New dungeon difficulty: Extreme IV, will be added this spring 2021.

Character Usage Ranking

The three characters used the most in Main Quest are Hiyori, Yukari, and Selen (Christmas).

Next, we have the ranking for Dungeon. The most used characters are Hiyori, Mao, and Yukari.

The Heroines used by most players in Tower of Luna are Yukari, Hiyori, and Rei.

Lastly, most players in Clan battles use Rei, Mao, and Aoi (Transfer Student).

Overall, Yukari and Hiyori are incredibly popular.

Players Stats

We also learned 1933 players managed to obtain all 139 characters in Priconne. Last year, the count was at 1446 players. Among these player, 65 managed to develop every characters to the max. It was 30 players last year.

New Character: 3 star Shefi (voiced by Reina Kondō)

Three more Priconne characters can now be Bloomed to 6 star:

The drop rate for 3 star characters was permanently raised from 2.5% to 3%

New Dungeon Skip function coming this Spring

This will be unlocked in Dungeons after fulfilling certain conditions.

New Priconne goods announced, including new a new action figure series by Max Factory, and Nendoroid figures for Pecoline and Kokkoro.

Lastly, 3,000 Jewels will be distributed to all players for the third anniversary celebrations.

That’s everything for the Princess Connect Re:Dive 3rd anniversary stream. Once the stream ended, a shot with all the seiyuu was also shared on Twitter: