Princess Maker Refine Comes to Steam for Anyone Who Wants to Raise a Princess

Princess Maker Refine comes to Steam with a few upgrades from the original.

on February 8, 2017 3:34 PM

CFK announced that they are bringing the original Princess Maker Refine to PC-via Steam, set to release some time in February.

The game allows players to raise a daughter and give her all the love you can as if she was your real daughter. However, the game begins with the player adopting a 10 year-old girl and raising her to be a princess.

The publisher details further:

Raise Your Daughter with Love:

You are the hero who saved a kingdom on the verge of eternal ruin by evil entities. Weary by mass genocides and destruction, you decide to adopt an orphan. From this day forward, you are the father of a beautiful young girl.

Fully Refined Visuals & Audios:

Princess Maker Refine is reincarnated by the graphical makeover of turning original 16-color graphics to re-touched full color supervised by original author Takami Akai. This work led by classical charms will not turn more lovely with vivid beauty. Voice dubbing also arrived as a new addition to the gaming experience in hopes you will be more connected to your lovely daughter.

Currently, Princess Maker Refined 2 is available on PC-via Steam holding a “very positive” review status.

You can check out the teaser trailer on top of some new screenshots below:


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