Prison Architect Gets New Surprise Update Making Prison Guards More Realistic and Human

Prison Architect Gets New Surprise Update Making Prison Guards More Realistic and Human

Today, developer Introversion Software dropped a new, surprise update for its prison management simulation Prison Architect, after previously saying the 2.0 update, which released in August, would be the game’s last update.

The new update focuses solely on staff needs, adding a plethora of new gameplay features in this department that makes your staff more realistic and human. Your staff will now have needs (in a similar way the prisoners do) that require them to take breaks, have time for recreation, etc.

If you do not meet the needs of your staff, their level of frustration and discomfort will consequently lead to them being worse at their jobs. This will add to the overall “temperature” of the prison, and make it less safe for both the staff and prisoners.

The pair went on to reveal on why the feature didn’t launch with the game in the first place (after all it seems like a feature you would want in the game), saying that from a gameplay standpoint the team thought it was better to have the staff be automatons, while the prisoners would be the focus of “where all the magic happens.” However, now the team thinks that players, after having the game for over a year, can handle both the the managing of prisoners and staff.

Below, you can check out the full patch notes, as well as the new video detailing the update further. Currently, the update is only available on PC, and not the game’s console versions.

Staff Needs
Your security staff now have needs, in much the same way as prisoners. This is optional, and can be enabled when creating a new prison, or enabled from Extras -> Map Settings.

You must take care of your staff needs, or else your staff will begin to perform their duties badly.

The staff members affected in this update are:

Armed Guards
Dog Handlers
These staff will have a semi random mixture of the following needs. Each need is similar to its prisoner counterpart, but also slightly different:

Staff will only make use of toilets in staff designated zones or staff rooms
Staff will eat in the Staff Room if you add a Serving Table. Or you can designate a canteen as “Staff Only” and they will eat there instead. Staff meals are more expensive than prisoner meals and are automatically delivered.
Staff hate to feel they are in danger. You can help with this need by equipping your staff with Tazers, body armour etc, as well as ensuring strength in numbers.
Staff get bored too. They can now make use of any entertainment so long as it exists within a staff room. Eg Pool tables, radios, TVs, etc.
Put some sofas in the staff room for this.
Same as prisoners, this is entirely based on the cleanliness of the surroundings.
This replaces the “tiredness” mechanic. Be sure to give your staff enough down time.
If staff are happy, this contributes in a positive way towards the temperature of your prison. Likewise if they are unhappy, this will make the prison “hotter” and lead to more trouble later.

If you do not take care of your staff they will become “pissed off”, and begin to perform their jobs badly:

Sauntering around slowly when doing jobs
Less effective at searching for contraband
Less likely to actively look for trouble, more likely to turn a blind eye
Unwilling to put themselves in danger eg confronting gang members
In extreme cases, staff will take bribes in order to look the other way when searching for contraband

Staff break times
You can now specify how much break time to grant your staff. Go to Reports -> Policy.
You can choose how long each break is, and how many breaks per day are taken.
Staff on break will immediately begin attending to their needs. Nb. Staff will always finish their current job before starting their break.

Other changes
Arcade Cabinets have had their sound turned down
Larger clone size with Tools and Cheats enabled.
Main menu: ‘Terms and Conditions’ moved to Options menu.
Main menu: Added ‘Other Introversion Games’ link.
Tooltip added to Analytics in Options menu.

BUG Fixes
Fixed: Dog Handlers would be completely paralised if injured, and there was no Medical Ward
Crash when loading with mods which define a custom room.
Family Rooms no longer erroneously display the cell quality too high warning.