Pro Wrestling X Developer is Asking Fans to… Stop Sending Them Money?

Pro Wrestling X Developer is Asking Fans to… Stop Sending Them Money?

In the day and age where uncertainty with crowdfunding games on platforms like Kickstarter is a hot topic, it’s nice when we get to see fan-funded success stories like Divinity: Original Sin and Wasteland 2. What we don’t see often, is a developer telling fans to stop sending them money to develop their project like the developers at Wrestling Gamers United currently are doing.

Wait, what?

Yup, the developers who successfully funded Pro Wrestling X, a PC based wrestling game focused on delivering the fun of WWF No Mercy with the depth of Fire Pro Wrestling, are telling fans to stop sending them money. Apparently you can’t modify the campaign page at all after a successful funding and the developers PayPal link is still on the site where many fans are still discovering the title and sending them funds, completely throwing off their financial bookkeeping.

Developer Dave Wishnowski said the following in a newsletter:

I feel a little awkward bringing this up because it seems like I’m slinging false modesty and most any other developer would say I’m acting a bit douche-y. Admittedly, this is a very nice “problem” to have. Ahem, but can y’all please…stop…sending us money? PLEASE I’m not complaining about getting your support and, yup, the money is nice for sure. It’s just that these payments are coming in through an old PayPal link that is still up on our Kickstarter campaign page.

Kickstarter won’t allow us to to edit the campaign page at all, so we can’t remove the PayPal link ourselves. It’s not that it’s terribly misleading or anything. Everyone knows we’ll honor the deliverables if they happen to stumble on the PayPal link and throw us a pledge. It just kinda messes with our bookkeeping a little bit and isn’t really the proper way to do things.

He continued on in the post to state that holding off to support them on Steam, likely in an Early Access release, would be the best way to help them out when it releases in the not-so-distant future. Going through Steam will net you instant access and let you immediately give them feedback, which is what they need more than anything else to make the game great. Luckily, they will honor the deliverables from your pledge if you still elect to go the PayPal route.

If you haven’t checked out Pro Wrestling X yet, I suggest that you do. I spent an inhuman amount of time playing WWF No Mercy back in the day, spending hours meticulously creating wrestlers like RVD, Big Show and more to match the real life roster as I watched the show. While I’m not longer an active watcher, I still hold a special place for the style of fighting wrestling games provide in my heart, and any game that wants to provide me with a scaffolding match is ok in my books. You can checkout their official website to follow the games development.