Probius Takes the Spotlight in New Heroes of the Storm Trailer

Blizzard Entertainment released a showcase trailer for the recently announced Heroes of the Storm hero Probius today.

The following character description was given to Probius by Blizzard:

Since his activation, Probius has always wanted to prove himself. He may be small, but he made a big difference by warping in a critical pylon during the retaking of Aiur. As the bravest of probes, Probius is eager to fulfill his purpose in the Nexus.

Probius is a strategic ranged specialist whose abilities allow him to keep enemies at a safe distance. While he isn’t able to use mounts, Probius has a faster moving speed than other characters. Probius can warp in Pylons which regenerate his mana and power his other abilities. He can have up to two Pylons active at the same time.

His first ability is Disruption Pulse, which fires a burst of plasma in a straight line, damaging enemies. Warp Rift allows Probius to create an anomaly at a target location that slows down all enemies passing through that area. His ability Photon Cannon summons in a photon cannon that attacks nearby enemies for a short period of time.

One of his heroic abilities is Pylon Overcharge, which temporarily turn Pylons into long range weapons. Null Gate creates a wall of energy that damages and slows down enemies that pass through it.

You can watch the trailer below. Heroes of the Storm is currently available on PC.

Tomas Franzese

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