Producer of Deception IV: Blood Ties Explains Differences Between Sadistic, Elaborate and Humiliating Traps

Producer of Deception IV: Blood Ties Explains Differences Between Sadistic, Elaborate and Humiliating Traps

The Kagero: Deception series wasn’t evil enough for Fatal Frame creator Keisuke Kikuchi, who said that Deception IVrecently announced for Western shores — would be bringing more “evil” to the series. Today, via the PlayStation Blog, Kikuchi has unveiled the differences in traps, and how the game will force players to set up traps with strategy and timing in mind, while also getting a little enjoyment from their victims’ reactions.

First off, for newcomers to the game, Deception IV: Blood Ties will star Regrina, the daughter of the Devil himself, who will be tasked with tracking down the descendents of the twelve saints that sealed her father up in the past. Three Dark Mediums will aid her in her quest, each of whom can summon traps and represent different concepts: Kaelia, of brilliance, Lilia, of humiliation, and Vueruza, of cruelty. Each of the traps they make will follow these themes in some kind of way. And where previous games in the series set the limit of three traps to be used at a time, multiple successive traps will be encouraged in this game.


But Kikuchi says the real fun will be in setting up combinations with these traps. For example, “When your enemy slips on a Banana Peel,” he says, “you could follow it up by pushing him into position with the Nudge Wall, picking him up with the Claw, and then finally taking him out with a strategically-placed arrow.”

Available traps will be determined by the stage, and can be combined with the player’s own equipped traps for more possibilities. Traps are categorized by three trap “styles” listed above with the Dark Mediums: brilliance, humiliation and cruelty. Or rather, Elaborate traps like the Springboard and Claw for complex combos, Humiliating traps like the Banana Peel and Cake-in-the-Face gag for entertaining enemy reactions, and Sadistic traps like the Iron Maiden for maximum damage (here called the Maiden’s Embrace). This will allow players to pick their favorite playstyle to suit their tastes — woe for any victims that come across a Sadistic player.

Deception IV: Blood Ties will be available for the PS3 and PS Vita on March 25th in North America, and on March 28th in Europe. For a closer look at the game, check out the gallery below and 30 mins of previously released gameplay footage and details (which includes a flying whale-like submarine dropping a bomb on your unsuspecting victim).