Professional Farmer 2014 Asks: Are You Ready For The Country Life?

Professional Farmer 2014 Asks: Are You Ready For The Country Life?

There are plenty of other simulators out there, but UIG Entertainment’s Professional Farmer 2014 seeks to bring the purest realism of them all.

With support from companies like JOHN DEERE, Lindner, Horsch, Rauch, Zuhammer and Krampe, Professional Farmer 2014 gives players authentic tractors and machines to handle, and fields and animals to take care of. Unique to any other simulator, Professional Farmer 2014 also has four seasons for players to work around, learning both timing and preparation. The game offers a campaign mode with many missions to learn your farming skills, as well as a freeplay mode to play as you like.

From UIG Entertainment’s Managing Director Christoph Bayer:

Due to the cooperation with tractor and farming machine manufacturers Professional Farmer 2014 offers pure realism and many original machines to the gamers. We are proud about the support of these successful and experienced companies which are already convinced about the quality of our game.

Professional Farmer 2014 will be released to PC platforms by the end of November as both a “Standard Edition” and “Collector‘s Edition,” for 19,99€ and 29,99€ respectively (which equal about $19.99 and $29.99). For more on the game, check out the trailer below, which shows off the first footage of the game.