Project Awakened Fails To Makes Its Kickstarter Goal

on March 6, 2013 10:24 PM

Phosphor Games Studio has been through hell and back trying to get their Project Awakened game a reality. And unfortunately, they reached another bump in the road, since they’ve failed to reach their Kickstarter goal.

Like I’ve detailed before, this game started life as a Midway-funded game named Hero, got derailed due to Midway’s bankruptcy, and then was continued when the ex-Hero developers formed Phosphor Game Studios and had to restart the project from scratch as Awakened. The studio looked to bring the game closer to reality through Kickstarter and crowd-funding, but came more than $150,000 short of their $500,000 goal.

What the team plans to do from here is up in the air for now, but as someone who has followed this game for a few years now, I hope that one day Phosphor can finally get it developed and published for all of us to enjoy.

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