Project Awakened Shows Off Its Creation Suite and Unveils Its Story

Project Awakened Shows Off Its Creation Suite and Unveils Its Story


Project Awakened has updated their Kickstarter campaign with two videos (which you can see below along with some screenshots) that shows off the variety of powers available to players, some modded weapons, and how they can be applied to different situations. As you’ll see, there will be powers as diverse as your favorite X-Men title, costumes that allow you to create characters from just about every major comic, movie, or video game in pop culture, and several ways to approach conflicts.

Along with the recent videos also comes some background to the story. Awakened exists in a world where the past 30 years have unleashed such advances in medical technology that “self-hackers” can change their bodies into superhuman mutants, if you will. Between stable, long lasting power sources, nantechnology, non-rejectable implants, genetic engineering, and quantum computing (all made surprisingly cheaper than you’d expect), humans can alter their body to do all kinds of things, creating regenerative powers, enhanced physical attributes, or occasional special breakthroughs like telepathy, teleportation, and energy manipulation.

Of course, in response to this, there’s been a ton of new threats that have the Department of Homeland Security trying to push widespread regulation on augmentations for the safety of the U.S. While many considered these debates fascist, it became a more divisive topic when supercriminals started causing acts of terror: like a pyrokinetic arsonist causing mayhem in a train station, and a regenerative bank robber surviving a 15-hour firefight that lead to 47 deaths, and extremists who destroyed an environment office building.

On a different level, there were large pharmaceutical and medical companies that decided to try and control the new era that was dawning before them, and wanted to make powerful supersoldiers that they could lease out to defense contractors for big cash. Fighting that idea was the “Publius” movement, self-hackers who thrived via a black market that allowed ordinary people to survive for free while pushing for anarchy.

With militias and factions rising up left and right, Guilds were also made where self-sacrificing vigilantes rose up as vigilantes to be the closest things to “superheroes” they could be. While local law enforcement often found them more a hindrance than help, the Guild members did find themselves maturing past the false idea of superheroing that comics presented, and evolved to a more methodical, evidence-gathering foundation. But even then, there were still those that found themselves resulting to a more brutal form of justice.

So with government factions, secret militias, vigilantes, corporate mercenaries, and supercriminals on the run, Awakened is a melting pot of chaos that’s just waiting to explode. And this is the world players will be jumping into when Awakened is set to release, sometime in August next year.

Phosphor Games Studio say that there will be a Unreal Engine 4 demonstration soon. If you’d still like to support Awakened‘s crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter, check out their page here. For more details on the story, check out their most recent update. Don’t forget to check out the trailers below, and let us know in the comments below if this kind of X-Men meets cyberpunk dystopia game gets you excited.

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