We Saw a Tease of Cygames’ Mysterious JRPG “Project Awakening” at E3 2018

We Saw a Tease of Cygames’ Mysterious JRPG “Project Awakening” at E3 2018

Cygames' mysterious RPG for high-end platforms Project Awakening is still a thing, and we saw it at E3 2018.

It has been almost two years since the last time we saw the first trailer of Cygames’ mysterious JRPG codenamed “Project Awakening”. But yesterday we saw evidence that development is ongoing.

During a behind-closed-doors session at E3 2018, Cygames showcased for DualShockers a brief teaser of the game. Unfortunately, there isn’t very much we can tell you about it, besides the fact that it featured an unnamed hero and a dragon, and looked extremely impressive visually.

That shouldn’t be too surprising, considering that the man behind the tech is Tago Junji, former Kojima Productions Technical Director, and one of the men behind the creation of the Fox Engine.

The game appears to be a mix between a western-style RPG and Japanese-style action combat. That being said, it’s very early in development.

This was basically just a tease, and we can’t show you the video we saw. Yet, this certainly appears like a project to keep an eye on, especially considering that Japanese developers that push the bleeding edge of technology are fairly rare.

Incidentally, what you see above is the only asset we have been provided about the game, showing the new official logo. Platforms are unannounced, even if the original reveal two years ago mentioned “high-end consoles.”

Cygames is known for Shadowverse and Granblue Fantasy, and it’s also working on a rather impressive action-JRPG for PS4 codenamed Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link, alongside the Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner – M∀RS remaster for KonamiIt seems that both Project Awakening and Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link are being developed with a western release in mind.

[On location reporting: Michael Ruiz]