Project CARS Developer Teases Hollywood Blockbuster Franchise Game Deal

Project CARS Developer Teases Hollywood Blockbuster Franchise Game Deal

Last month, Project CARS developer Slightly Mad Studios — specifically CEO Ian Bell — teased on the GTPlanet forum that the studio is working on something brand new, alongside Project CARS, which is supposedly launching sometime “late” this year.

At the time, the CEO teased it as “massive news” and as a new franchise for it that is very exciting. When asked if the project was related to racing, Bell replied: “Yes, sort of.”


Now, the CEO is back at it again with the teases. According to GTPlanet, who spoke to Bell, Slightly mad Studios has signed a multi-year deal with a blockbuster Hollywood franchise that will lead to multiple titles in the future.

According to the Bell, whatever the project is, we won’t be seeing it unveiled for a few months.

As you may know, Slightly Mad Studios has a partnership with Bandai Namco, who publishes the Project CARS series, and if you know anything about Bandai Namco, you would know that it has previously boughten Fast and Furious titles to both arcades and consoles. Now, whether this deal is Fast and Furious, who knows. But given that it’s a huge blockbuster franchise, Slightly Mad Studios pedigree in creating racing simulators, and the fact that the project is “yes, sort of” related to racing, it sounds like Fast and Furious, at least too me. Alas, all we can do is wait. But if it is Fast and Furious, that could potentially be a huge get for Slightly Mad Studios and really put them on the map, it handled properly.