Project CARS Developer Won't Hold Back on Scorpio Enhancements Because of PS4 Pro

Slightly Mad Studios confirms the Scorpio version of its games will not be held back whatsoever.

From the jump, Microsoft has been raising up its next piece of console hardware — codenamed the Scorpio — as the most powerful console ever, thus more powerful than the recently released PS4 Pro, a healthy but not overly dramatic upgrade of the base PS4.

That being said, one should expect that the Scorpio could and may run certain games better than the PS4 Pro. While this remains to be seen, Project CARS developer Slightly Mad Studios has confirmed it will hold nothing back when developing for the Scorpio, even if that means making a superior version of the game compared to the Pro.

When speaking to Gaming Bolt, Andy Tudor, creative director at Slightly Mad Studios was clear that Scorpio enhancements will not be held back at all. The creative director specifically says:

“We may go higher resolution on Scorpio compared to Pro, or we may keep lower res but increase detail. Again, too early to say, and if we can do something extra on Scorpio easily we will do, we won’t hold it back due to Pro.”

It’s important to note that Tudor doesn’t confirm the Scorpio version of the game will be superior in any regard to the PS4 Pro, just that if it can be (and I guess if it wants to) it won’t hold back the Scorpio in the face of the PS4 Pro. And if Phil Spencer and co. are any indication to go off about the Scorpio’s power, it sounds like it very well could push performance beyond what the PS4 Pro can. Now, whether that performance is realized, well we will just have to wait and see.

As you may know, Project CARS (and this applies to the upcoming Project CARS 2) is one of the best games early in this generation in regards to graphical fidelity and performance, so I’m personally excited to see what the developer does with both the PS4 Pro and Scorpio.

Scorpio is still without an official name, price-point, and release date, but much of that should change come E3. Meanwhile, Project CARS 2 is set to release sometime later this year on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

In other recent and related news, developer Slightly Mad Studios has teased that it has signed a deal to make a major Hollywood blockbuster franchise game series.

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