Project Highrise Features the Sinful Side of Las Vegas in First Expansion

Project Highrise Features the Sinful Side of Las Vegas in First Expansion

Project Highrise is a tower building sim where every aspect of maintaining a suitable skyscraper is in your hands. The game released in September 2016 and now adding extra content with an upcoming expansion. The Las Vegas DLC is slated to come out in March of this year and will feature many of the fixtures of the Sin City itself.

As the architect, landlord, electrician, investor, and all around boss of your skyscraper, building and maintaining your creation is the main goal of Project Highrise. You can build apartments or penthouses, shops or office spaces, cafes or pharmacies, all to try and keep your tenants happy.

With the Las Vegas expansion, new businesses and characters enter from the ground floor. Maybe you’ll entertain your guests with slots and cards and dazzle your VIPs with amazing stage shows. Everything is always a little more exciting with a little bit of gambling.

Other features of the DLC include:

  • Casinos – Entice people to come and part with their hard-earned money in style, with all new casinos.
  • Hotels – Why do your visitors need to leave at all? Keep the business travellers and high-rollers rolling through, with rooms of all sizes that fit every need – but be sure to keep them happy as your ratings depend on it!
  • Events & Shows – Bring in the best show in town, and attract crowds of happy visitors… and their wallets. Have them come in for the show, but stay for the food and the games.
  • VIPs – Invite rock stars, comedians, or business gurus to come and perform at your venue – but just don’t expect them to come for free! The bigger the celebrity, the bigger the demands.
  • Evolved Gameplay – Experience how the new location challenges your building skills, from new type of Air Conditioning utility, to special service elevators, NPCs, and more.

Project Highrise is currently available for the PC on Steam for $19.99 USD whereas the expansion has not been given a price yet. While I appreciate that nostalgic feeling for Sim Tower, it’s hard to tell whether the gamble is worth it to lay the foundation for this project.

The DLC trailer is available below: