Project Judge Details More Characters and Game Systems with New Screenshots

Sega revealed new information and screenshots for Project Judge, the PS4 exclusive detective game developed by Yakuza Studio.

By Iyane Agossah

October 5, 2018

Sega revealed new screenshots and character details for its PS4 exclusive Project Judge.

As we saw in the announcement trailer for the game, Project Judge‘s main character, Takayuki Yagami, was a brilliant defense lawyer whose life took a turn for the worst when one of his former clients was arrested for murder. Because of that, he became known as a lawyer who helped acquit a murderer and his reputation was destroyed. Three years after these events, he works as a private detective at his own office, the Yagami Detective Office.

In order to solve his cases, Takayuki can look for clues or a specific person in first person view. When searching for a specific person, you will have to check whether their attributes and clothes match everything you’ve investigated about them beforehand.

The tailing system works with a gauge representing your target’s alertness. The gauge fills if you’re bad at tailing or get too close, and they notice you if it gets full. Actively chasing targets requires you clear Quick Time Events to avoid obstacles and catch up to them.

Next, we’ve got the eavesdropping system, which is detailed for the first time here. You can influence the discussion you’re eavesdropping in with different choices. Choosing wrong choices won’t make you fail the operation, but you will earn less Sp, the points used to upgrade Takayuki.

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You can also use disguises, pick locks and take photos as already detailed before. Each lock type’s lockpicking is different and will require more or less skill. Presenting evidence is mostly used to make someone you’re interrogating fess up by confronting their lies.

Lastly, we’ve got new information on some of the game’s characters previously seen in trailers, starting with Shintani Masamichi, voiced by Takuya Kirimoto. He’s a lawyer who works at the agency Takayuki belonged to, and holds a grudge against him as he believes Takayuki stole his work. He acts tough against people weaker than himself but becomes meek when he meets his match.

Then, we’ve got Saori Shirosaki, voiced by Yuko Kaida. She’s a lawyer with a business-like attitude who also works at Takayuki’s ex-office. She’s usually quiet but doesn’t hesitate to speak up roughly when the situation calls for it.

Lastly, we have Kaito Masaharu, voiced by Shinshu Fuji. He’s an experienced detective working together with Takayuki at his office. He knows Takayuki for years and is older than him. He acts arrogant, but he’s a good person at heart. He’s an ex-yakuza and used to be part of the Matsugane family, a subsidiary of the Tojo Clan based in Kamurocho. However, he didn’t leave willingly and was expelled from the family. He hides the fact he regrets his past life.

You can check all the new screenshots below. Longer trailers focusing on story and gameplay were also released. There’s another gameplay video showcasing some of the minigames too. You can also read up about the game’s casting and development stories. Lastly, you can check out our playthrough of the game’s demo.

Project Judge will release in Japan on December 13th exclusively for PS4. The game will come west, still for PS4 only, in 2019.

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