Project Judge Gets 1080p Screenshots and Details on Gameplay, Story, and More

Project Judge Gets 1080p Screenshots and Details on Gameplay, Story, and More

Sega provides another extensive look at Project Judge, a spin-off of the Yakuza series with gameplay and story deviating towards the investigation.

Today Sega released a batch of screenshots and details about its upcoming adventure game Judge Eyes, which for now is simply named “Project Judge” in the west.

We learn that the protagonist Takayuki Yagami is concerned about a series of murders that have been plaguing Kamurocho. The police simply attribute them to gang warfare, but Yagami believes there to be more, so he starts investigating on his own.

Soon he will uncover a conspiracy rooted deep in the seedy underbelly of Kamurocho. Can he catch the serial killer and unveil the mysteries behind his actions?

Yagami has a variety of “investigative actions” at his disposal, including listening, evidence presentation, observation, tailing, disguise, lock picking, search, and scoop mission (basically taking compromising pictures mostly in cheating cases). Thanks to that he can build his case with evidence and testimonies.

Of course, all of these actions can be interrupted by enemies, so he is also able to fight.

For the graphics of the game, the development team utilized distinctive color tones to create a feeling of tension in the air. Beautiful graphics boost gameplay and suspense, while realistic characters with faces scanned from real actors convey their feelings.

Yagami can improve his ability as a detective by investigating many “side cases” that are provided to him by the resident of Kamurocho. This is done in parallel as playing the main story with the serial murders case.

These side cases also offer the possibility to enjoy different sides of Yagami.

Play spots are of course part of the menu, including traditional ones like casinos, gambling, pinball, and a variety of arcade games at the Club Sega. There are even drone races and a VR board game.

If you want to learn more about the game you can enjoy a look at the PS4 demo, and the first trailers and details about the western release.

The game will release in Japan on December 13th exclusively for PS4. A western release has already been announced, still for PS4 only, in 2019.

Incidentally, Project Judge won our Best Action/Adventure game award at Tokyo Game Show 2018.