Project Linda by Razer Allows Gamers to Turn the Razer Phone into an Entire Laptop

Project Linda by Razer Allows Gamers to Turn the Razer Phone into an Entire Laptop

Gaming peripheral company Razer has unveiled a potential new companion piece for its recently released Razer Phone, which turns the device into a laptop.

This past November, Razer Inc. announced the first-ever high-end phone smartphone for gamers. Although that was a huge milestone for mobile gaming, Razer has set the bar even higher by announcing a new project, which will allow gamers to utilize the Razer Phone’s potential fully.

According to the press release, Project Linda is a new prototype hardware developed by the manufacturer and serves as an accessory for the newly released phone that allows the high-end phone to turn into a fully functional laptop. Aside as serving as a new accessory for the phone, Project Linda also features an additional 200GB of storage space and extra batteries, meaning the Razer Phone charges the entire time it’s docked to the product.

Although similar concepts have been done by others in the past, such as the Motorola Atrix and its companion piece the  Lapdog, what makes Razer’s project more distinctive is the fact that not only is the phone required to have the hardware powered, but the smartphone also serves as a trackpad.

Additionally, the Razer Phone plays a significant role in Project Linda’s functionality. For example, the side-mounted power button/fingerprint sensor on the Razer Phone serves as its power button. On top of that, there are no speakers on the Project Linda itself; instead, it will utilize the phone’s stereo speakers.

Although, it is unknown whether Project Linda will officially release. Personally, I am interested to see the final product; until then, check out a few screenshots of Project Linda below.