Kickstarter JRPG Project Phoenix Officially Delayed to 2018, Won’t Offer Refunds to Backers for Now

Kickstarter JRPG Project Phoenix Officially Delayed to 2018, Won’t Offer Refunds to Backers for Now

Back in 2013, the Kickstarter Pitch for the JRPG by Creative Intelligence Arts Project Phoenix gathered quite a lot of attention due to its star spangled staff, including composer Nobuo Uematsu.

Since then, the project went through long periods of silence and quite a few problems, including the lack of a lead programmer, that nearly ground development to a halt.

Today the official Kickstarter page was updated, and the news aren’t too good.  First of all, we get info on the situation with the programmer, and a notice that now the game is officially delayed to 2018 (it was initially supposed to release this year).

  • I have been asked to clarify that we CURRENTLY have a programmer. He has done some work and much consulting for Project Phoenix already. The problem is that his current work is delaying his full commitment here by about 2 months.
  • Current estimates place dev at about 2.5 years out from completion. This is 2.5 years from the time we get our full-time programmer on board. That means we are expecting early 2018 for a finalized build and 6 months for testing after that.
  • We put out the notice that we are looking for programmers to supplement the work our main programmer will be doing, as well as simply getting things started as soon as possible.
  • On this note, we are reviewing the people who identified themselves to us and we will move forward to interview relevant applicants soon.

Secondly, backers won’t be refunded, at least for now, as it would mean the cancellation of the project. That said, if the project is canceled, CIA promises to “work out some kind of remediation.”

“We know a lot of people are disappointed with the delays and organization of Project Phoenix. We are not considering refunds at this time. To initiate refunds is to give up on the project since there would be no money left to complete it. If we make the decision to call it quits then we will work out some kind of remediation with backers at that time. Until then we are pressing on.”

Having backed the project myself, looks like I’ll have to sit tight and wait like the nearly 16,000 gamers that pledged just over a million dollars for Project Phoenix.