Project Prelude Rune Possibly Cancelled as Official Site, Social Media Accounts Become Unreachable

Square Enix didn't communicate on what's happening with Project Prelude Rune since Hideo Baba resigned from the project.

The official site and social media accounts of Square Enix’s JRPG Project Prelude Rune became unreachable. Studio Istolia’s official site links directly to Square Enix’s now. Both the Twitter account and the Facebook account can’t be accessed anymore. Project Prelude Rune‘s sole trailer, which was revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2018, was also deleted from YouTube.

Hideo Baba recently resigned from Square Enix, his position as director of Studio Istolia, and Project Prelude Rune‘s development. Square Enix didn’t comment on the game’s development status.

In my opinion, there are two possible scenarios. The best scenario would be that Square Enix froze Project Prelude Rune‘s development, and will restart from the beginning under a new vision as the game’s director, Hideo Baba, left the project. It’s also possible that Studio Istolia will be dissolved, its staff reintegrated in another studio at Square Enix. The game’s development would restart at that new studio, the official site would relaunch once development restarts, with a brand new trailer reintroducing the project.

The second and worst-case scenario would be that Project Prelude Rune‘s development stops indefinitely, leading to the game’s unofficial cancellation.

Project Prelude Rune was announced back in 2017 and is supposed to launch on PS4. Soon after its announcement, Hideo Baba explained some of the western fantasy inspirations behind the project.

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