Project Rap Rabbit Launches Kickstarter Campaign for PS4 and PC; Seeking $1.1M in Crowdfunding

Project Rap Rabbit Launches Kickstarter Campaign for PS4 and PC; Seeking $1.1M in Crowdfunding

The upcoming rhythm game Project Rap Rabbit has debuted on Kickstarter for PS4 and PC, with the crowdfunding project set at a $1.1 million funding goal.

Initially announced last week, the creators of cult rhythm game classics PaRappa the Rapper and Gitaroo Man revealed they were joining forces on the new title Project Rap Rabbit, which has now debuted a Kickstarter campaign and is ready to take pledges from those looking towards a wild new music game.

In an update on the European PlayStation Blog, INIS J’s Keiichi Yano announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for Project Rap Rabbit, a new music game collaboration between himself and Masaya Matsuura, which aims to bring “a brand-new type of rhythm-action game that fuses elements” from the creators’ past titles “with mechanics fresh to music gaming.”

The Kickstarter project for the title is live now, with the funding goal for the title currently set to $1,102,921 and 35 days in the project to go. The title is currently set to release on PS4 and PC if funded, though the game’s stretch goals include potential versions of the game for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch at $3,100,000 and $4,950,000, respectively, if the project exceeds its funding goals. Further stretch goals for the game include additional localizations for menus and cutscenes, a Multiplayer VS. mode, additional levels, added difficulty modes, and more.

Specifically, the game will entail “the story of rapping rabbit Toto-Maru and his sidekick Otama-Maru as they travel through a world recovering from a great catastrophe,” and “by fighting the leaders of neighboring factions via the medium of rap battles, our heroes can bring about peace to their troubled lands.” Alongside the story, the game will also aim to “truly convey the dynamic nature of rap battles,” with gameplay tied to “a system that enables players to pick and choose how their raps unfold: a spider web of lyrics, rhythms and emotions that players can steer through depending on their wishes and the opponent’s moves.”

The developers also explained that in the gameplay system for Project Rap Rabbit, “there are no wrong routes through our songs,” and while the mechanics of the game will still involve rhythmic beat-matching like other popular rhythm games, the creators insisted that the system “draws inspiration from the dialogue wheels of Mass Effect and Fallout 4,” along with the “classic call-and-response gameplay established two decades ago in PaRappa the Rapper.”

Project Rap Rabbit is currently in development for PS4 and PC; for a closer look at the game and to learn more/pledge, you can click here and head over to the game’s Kickstarter project, and check out a variety of artwork and images tied to the game below: