Project Rap Rabbit Kickstarter Campaign Gets an Update on Stretch Goals; “Re-Examining” Pricing and Structure

Project Rap Rabbit Kickstarter Campaign Gets an Update on Stretch Goals; “Re-Examining” Pricing and Structure

Following feedback from backers on its higher-priced Stretch Goals, the development team of Project Rap Rabbit are "re-examining" the goals in an update.

Following a few teases last week, the upcoming Project Rap Rabbit – a collaboration between the legendary creators of classic rhythm games PaRappa the Rapper and Gitaroo Man – is aiming to bring the rhythm game genre forward, while a new update is seeking to address feedback on the game’s Kickstarter page.

An update on the Kickstarter page for Project Rap Rabbit has debuted after the game’s crowdfunding page launched yesterday, with the update focusing specifically on the project’s Stretch Goals and seeking to address feedback from backers and fans on the various project tiers.

Specifically, the game’s development team explained that since the project’s debut yesterday, the most overwhelming request that “stands out above all others” was the demand for a significantly lower pricing tier for a potential Nintendo Switch version of the game, which was the project’s highest-priced Stretch Goal at $4,950,000 (compared to the $1.1 million asking price of the game’s base funding goal). An Xbox One version of the game was also listed among the game’s Stretch Goals, though at a much lower tier compared to the Switch version.

The game’s team explained that in response to the backer feedback, the game’s Stretch Goals have been pulled back entirely for an attempt to “re-examine” the format and to find a way to lower the ask for a Nintendo Switch version of the game and prioritize it among the game’s other intended Stretch Goals (such as additional levels, difficulty modes, and more). Additional details on a new plan for Stretch Goals for the project will be revealed in the near future.

Project Rap Rabbit debuted its Kickstarter project page yesterday, and (so far) is confirmed for a PS4 and PC release if the project successfully meets its funding goal on the crowdfunding platform.