Project Rap Rabbit Adjusts Kickstarter Stretch Goals; Nintendo Switch Version Will Be Funded at $1.5 Million

Project Rap Rabbit Adjusts Kickstarter Stretch Goals; Nintendo Switch Version Will Be Funded at $1.5 Million

Following critiques from fans on its pricing and structure, the Kickstarter campaign for Project Rap Rabbit has adjusted a Switch version to $1.5 million.

Debuting earlier this week on Kickstarter, the upcoming Project Rap Rabbit is an attempt to revitalize (and move forward) the rhythm game genre for a new audience from the creators of cult hits PaRappa the Rapper and Gitaroo Man, with the game’s development team adjusting some of the project’s lofty Stretch Goals in response to fans.

Following fan feedback from the Kickstarter project’s debut earlier this week, a new update has been put into place for Project Rap Rabbit that has adjusted some of the campaign’s previously-announced Stretch Goals. Specifically, the biggest change to the campaign has been the lowering of the cost of the game’s potential Nintendo Switch version, which was previously set as the campaign’s highest Stretch Goal at $4,950,000.

After re-evaluating the Stretch Goals, the Switch version of the game is now put at a lower Stretch Goal tier of $1,500,000, making it the project’s first Stretch Goal tier that can unlock if the required funding goal is met.

In addition to the lowering of the asking price for a Nintendo Switch version of the project, the Kickstarter update also provided a clarification that backers “will help shape what future Stretch Goals” that will be featured in the campaign, while also providing a free digital soundtrack for all of the White-Label Edition (Digital) backer tiers and higher, and an “early bird” tier.

In response to the feedback about the pricing of the Switch tier being so high, the team explained that the pricing was due to “the cumulative total of development of all features across all platforms, with the additional cost of porting on top.” In that time, however, the team has recalculated the porting costs and internal resources needed to bring that tier down to $1.5 million.

Project Rap Rabbit was unveiled through its Kickstarter project earlier this week with a funding goal of $1.1 million on Kickstarter – currently, the game is at a level of over $128K (as of this writing), with 32 days in the project to go. For more info and a closer look, you can head over to the Project Rap Rabbit Kickstarter page by clicking here.