Atlus and Studio Zero Producer Katsura Hashino Shares Development Update on Project Re Fantasy, Wants to Show Gameplay "As Soon as Possible"

Katsura Hashino mentioned the development of Project Re Fantasy is going well and at a turning point, we might see gameplay soon.

December 28, 2020

Katsura Hashino, producer and director of Persona since Persona 3, and Catherine, wants to show some Project Re Fantasy gameplay as soon as possible.

Famitsu last week, and now 4Gamer on December 28, published their traditional end of the year messages from members of the Japanese game industry. In total, over a hundred of producers, directors and the like shared their thoughts about 2020, their favorite games, their keyword for 2021, their hopes and dreams. We translated Katsura Hashino’s messages below.

Katsura Hashino – end of the year message on Famitsu:

2021 Keyword: “Quietly”

Aspirations for 2021: “Corona forced the world to quickly change and adapt, and the only thing we can do now is keep working quietly. The game I’m working on is at a turning point of development. I hope to face the project head-on and do my best to show the world some interesting gameplay.”


Latest news: “I’d like to show the game I’m developing as soon as possible. Please look forward to our “Fantasy RPG” that was wrought by our current era.”

What I’m looking forward to in 2021: “This will be the second year since the Corona crisis started. I’m focusing on on my Homeostasis and how remote work changed my lifestyle. I’m looking forward to the Eva and Ultraman movies, and watching Yuki Tsunoda’s aces.”

Katsura Hashino – end of the year message on 4Gamer:

The 2020 released game that impressed or shocked me the most: “Ghost of Tsushima. The game’s world is incredible. I didn’t have the time to play it much yet.But I was impressed by the developers’ know-how in making a game world feel fresh.”

The most memorable piece of entertainment released in 2020: “I was very busy this year so I didn’t see much. A lot of things got delayed as well. I’m looking forward to the Eva and Ultraman movie next year. I need to watch the Kimetsu no Yaiba movie too.”

The person you paid attention to in 2020: “F1 Racer Yuki Tsunoda. I was pretty sad hearing Honda’s withdrawal from F1, but I’m happy to see a Japanese F1 racer after so long. I’m really looking forward to his races.”

Your inspirations for 2021 and a message for 4Gamer readers: “The world quickly changed with the Coronavirus pandemic. The only thing we can do now is keep working quietly. There’s been no information and news so I think some might have forgotten about it, but the new Fantasy RPG by Atlus is still in development. It’s going pretty well. So I’ll do my best to face the project head-on so we can show the world some interesting gameplay. I feel like I’m saying this every year now (sweats) but look forward to our “Fantasy RPG” wrought by our modern era. It’s gonna be good.”

Announced in December 2016, the game code named Project Re Fantasy is a new Fantasy RPG project by Studio Zero. A studio in Atlus made of the core developers of Persona 3, Persona 4, Catherine and Persona 5. Katsura Hashino. Character designer Shigenori Soejima (who also worked on Another Century Episode). And composer Shoji Meguro. As of now, Atlus never published Project Re Fantasy gameplay, only concept videos. The previous development update was shared in the 2019 Famitsu end of the year messages. You can reach the Project Re Fantasy official site here.

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