Project Sakura Wars Reveals Action-Based Battle System With New Gameplay

Sega's Toshihiro Nagoshi explained why Project Sakura Wars uses an action battle system.

Sega held the second “Sakura Taisen Imperial Communication Department’s Broadcast” on July 25.

At the beginning of the Battle System corner, they showed the pilot outfits for the Imperial Assault Force. Director also noted that unlike the previous Sakura Taisen, each character now has a different uniform unlike only colors differing. They will show the others’ pilot suits later.

Next, we saw a gameplay video with Seijuro and Sakura in battle. Project Sakura Wars uses an action-based battle system unlike the strategy RPG turn-based system of past games.

This is quite surprising as I thought I’d be similar to Valkyria Chronicles 4, but at the same time something I expected. Director Tetsu Katano described the battle system as “Dramatic 3D Action”.

Sega’s Toshihiro Nagoshi then joined the stream to chat about Project Sakura Wars‘ battle system. He explained how Project Sakura Wars went through a lot of build and scrap to get this final result. Both him and Tetsu Katano explained that many years passed since the previous game. They thought a battle system with more speed would also please some of the older fans. Basically, they tried to make a battle system based on the cool action battle scenes shown in Sakura Taisen games opening sequences, especially Sakura Taisen 3‘s opening sequence.

They also wished for fans to be able to directly control the mecha and the characters. We can freely control Seijuro during the Adventure part, so now we can freely control the mecha in battle too.

Another article with a full summary of the stream, including info on the newly revealed characters of the Shangai Assault Force will be coming shortly.

We’ve covered the information about Project Sakura Wars‘ first story chapter. You can also read more and check more gameplay with our previous coverage.

Update: The full summary of the stream is now available.

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