Project Sakura Wars Demo Announced for November 21, New Character, Combination Attacks Details

Project Sakura Wars revealed more on one of its antagonists, introduced some enemy mecha and explained combination attacks.

November 5, 2019

Shin Sakura Taisen, tentatively titled Project Sakura Wars in the west, was featured at the “PlayStation Festival Sapporo 2019” event on November 2. During the event, Producer Katano announced a demo for Project Sakura Wars will be released on the Japanese PlayStation store on November 21.

Project Sakura Wars‘ demo will be divided into two parts. The first part is the “Adventure Part” where we control protagonist Seijuro and get to explore the Imperial Theater. We won’t have access to the rest of the city. Players will be able to trigger various events and try out the LIPS system, the franchise’s iconic dialogue choices system.

The second part is the “Battle Part”, where you’ll be able to control Seijuro and Azami in battle. Overall, the demo will include the same content as the one at TGS 2019, but with new adjustments.

Next, Sega also released a bunch of new story and character details via Famitsu.

We have new details on the villain character we’ve already seen multiple times now. He’s named Oboro, voiced by Daisuke Kishio and designed by Kubo Tite. Just like Yasha, Oboro is a high-ranked Kouma who attacks the Imperial City. Oboro has a twisted personality and enjoys watching others suffer and despair. He specializes in illusion magic, using it to confuse his opponents and mercilessly crush them.

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The bad guys in Project Sakura Wars use mecha whose name could be translated to “Puppet Soldiers”. Oboro controls the Arahabaki. It can fly, fights with a spear and uses remotely controlled small weapons, something similar to funnels in Gundam. Arahabaki can also use illusion magic.

We also got introduced to the fusion of a Kouma and a Puppet Soldier, a monster named Kyoukotsu. It has high attack power in par with its large frame and is much stronger than the Mugen type Spirit Particle Fighters used by the Flower Division. However, the Kyoukotsu has a weak point on its head, so you should focus on avoiding its strikes and target its head with jumping attacks.

Next, Sega revealed how Kaoru and Komachi look on duty as members of the Imperial Assault Force Wind Division. Their suits are slightly different than the pilot suits worn by the Flower Division. During battles, Sumire, Kaoru, and Komachi stay on the Shougeimaru, the Imperial Assault Force’s airship, giving out orders and analyzing the situation.

We also got a new explanation of how the Trust Guage works in battle. While it can go up depending on your actions in battle, the girls you raised the trust of during the Adventure parts will start the battle with a higher Trust Gauge.

We also learned more about Combination Attacks, which are triggered with a high trust gauge and “other conditions”, currently undetailed, Only one combination attack can be used per battle. After using it, Seijuro and the girl’s stats will also get a temporary boost.

Each Combination Attack also has a short cutscene playing before it activates, which isn’t related to the attack itself, and is more like a mini theater play.

The cutscene in Sakura Amamiya’s Combination Attack follows the anime cliche of bumping into each other.

Hatsuho Shinonome’s Combination Attack features Seijuro and Hatsuho at a festival.

Azami Mochizuki’s Combination Attack features Seijuro and Azami using ninjutsu. Seijuro can’t use it as well as Azami.

Anastasia Palma’s Combination Attack is a date at the planetarium.

Clarisse’s Combination Attack is another anime cliche. Seijuro and Clarisse are at the library, and they try picking the same book, touching each other’s hands. The book is titled “I Love You”.

New info on Project Sakura Wars will be coming with the next stream planned on November 20. In the previous stream, Sakura Taisen series composer Kohei Tanaka shared many details on the franchise as a whole, and we’ll publish everything in the form of an editorial coming soon. Meanwhile, you can read our past coverage and summaries of the previous streams:

Project Sakura Wars launches on December 12 in Japan, and in Spring 2020 in the west. Project Sakura Wars is a PS4 exclusive.

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