Project Sakura Wars Reveals Gameplay Featuring Imperial City Ginza, Theater Plays, Screenshots

Project Sakura Wars Reveals Gameplay Featuring Imperial City Ginza, Theater Plays, Screenshots

Project Sakura Wars Producer Tetsu Katano revealed new story elements and details on Ginza.

Sega held on October 11 the 8th edition of the “Sakura Taisen Imperial Communication Department’s Broadcast” stream. The stream was one of the longest ones we had so far. Sakura Taisen series composer Kohei Tanaka spoke about the game’s music for nearly an hour and revealed many details. We’ll cover all this in a separate article coming soon. The stream also included the reveal of new characters designed by Haruhi Suzumiya‘s Noizi Ito. Now, we’ll take a look at the new gameplay,  screenshots, and the new story details from Producer Katano.


During the stream, we got a first look at some of the theater plays the main characters will be acting.

We first have a theater play version of Momotaro. It’ll be the first play the New Flower Division does, in the first story chapter. Producer Katano mentioned it doesn’t go very well, with the audience mockingly laughing at them. The Imperial Theater has no funds at that point, so their props are lacking. Sakura, Hatsuho, and Clarisse end up doing a lot of blunders too. Katano said they picked Momotaro as a reference to the very first performance Takarazuka Revue did, which was also a Momotaro theatre play.

Sakura Amamiya plays Momotaro. Hatsuho plays the Oni. And Clarisse is doing the Monkey accompanying Momotaro. In the original Momotaro story, there’s also a dog and a pheasant accompanying Momotaro. Katano explained they don’t appear because the Imperial Theater didn’t have enough people for them. Anastasia and Azami aren’t there yet. Also, in that screenshot, Clarisse is saying “ukiiii ukiiiii”, like a monkey’s cry.

The other theater play revealed was “Danan no Ai/ The love of Danan”. Katano said this is the theater play the characters do in the second story chapter. It was made to celebrate Anastasia’s arrival in the Flower Division. She’s playing the story’s hero, and Sakura Amamiya is playing the heroine. The gimmicks and props used in the play were all made by Reiji Shiba, the Sugita voiced mechanic character.


Katano also mentioned Danan no Ai is an original stage play and the first stage play written by Clarisse. This means she’ll be writing multiple original theater pieces in the game. Kohei Tanaka said the song he did for it is pretty awesome. We also learned that theatre plays are shown through anime sequences. It’s one of the many anime sequences of the game made by Studio Sanzigen.

Coming up next was a new gameplay video revealing some of the explorable locations in the Imperial City Ginza:

The song playing on the video is titled Ruriruran Ginza Roman. It’s sung by Mayu Yoshioka, and it’s the charasong of her character Itsuki Saijo. Yohei Azakami mentioned the scene shown with Seijuro, Elise and Margarethe together is particularly funny.

The gameplay video shows a selection of locations :

First we have Café Gilles du Lait. Its name is a French pun with Gilles de Rais and “lait” which means milk in French. This café is located on the main street of Ginza, Ginza Oodori. We got a shot of the café interior too, which has a modern feel popular with customers. At the right of the café there’s Ginroku Hyakkaten, a department store. Producer Katano said we get involved with this store at some point after an “inciedent” occurs. In the background there’s a square. The café is also near the Ferris Wheel. Katano said it’s inactive at the beginning of the story, but it becomes operational at some point, and there are multiple events related to it.

Next, we have the station, which works as both a train station and an airship station. It’s the main gateway to and from the Imperial City. The station also has a passage connecting it to the Grand Imperial Hotel. This hotel is where the London Assault Force is stationed after the world tournament begins.

The most prestigious Kabuki Theather in Japan, set in the Imperial City Ginza. Various Kabuki performances are performed, making the theater very popular. We already knew Elise is a fan of Kabuki and often goes there, but Katano revealed Anastasia is a fan as well.

Next, we have Shinryuken, the Chinese restaurant which serves as the base of the  Shangai Assault Force, currently in charge of the city’s defense. Shinryuken is located in Ginza Yokocho. According to Katano, you can actually go eat at the restaurant, and Azakami remembered voicing a lot of comedy scenes happening there.
When he’s off from duty, Shaolon works as the chief cook at the restaurant. His cooking is really popular and many go to the restaurant to taste it.
In the back alley at the right of Shinryuken, there’s a fortune teller. Katano said you can go there too and get your fortune.

Next, we have the trolley’s station, giving Ginza an even bigger old-school feel. It’s right near the Wagashi shop, Mikazuki, which is owned by Hiromi’s family. It’s near the library as well. Mikazuki sells dango, dorayaki, and other typical Japanese snacks.

Lastly, we have Park Mikasa. It’s named after the Mikasa, the airship used by the Imperial Assault Force in past Sakura Taisen games. The park faces the sea and is particularly appreciated by the citizens.

New screenshots showing the interior of the Imperial Theater were also shared.

They also lined up all the shop specific preorder bonuses revealed so far. Some are still under production.

They also revealed the PS4 theme you get in first print copies of the game. The second PS4 theme at the right will be distributed when the game releases to those registered in the “Teikoku Kagekidan Ouengumi”. People registered also get some info early. They got the Hatsuho and Elise music videos earlier, for example.

PS4 exclusive Project Sakura Wars launches on December 12 in Japan. The game is coming west in Spring 2020.

The next stream will be held on November 20. You can check our summaries of the previous streams here: