Project Sakura Wars Reveals Hakushu Murasame, Designed by Persona Series' Shigenori Soejima

Project Sakura Wars Producer Tetsu Katano also mentioned Hakushu, voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro, was initially supposed to be a male character.

November 20, 2019

Sega held the ninth Shin Sakura Taisen stream on November 20, revealing new info on the game. We’ll summarize the whole stream soon in a separate article, as it included tons of new information, including multiple new gameplay videos.

The stream most notably revealed a brand new character appearing in Project Sakura Wars, Hakushu Murasame:

Hakushu Murasame is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro, an extremely talented seiyuu (but a bit too overrated in my opinion, and who’s also way too much typecasted.)
Hakushu Murasame’s age and origins are unknown. She’s a master swordswoman and an old friend of Sakura Amamiya’s father. As such, Sakura Amamiya is one of her disciples and she’s always concerned about her well-being. She’s also Seijuro’s master, seeing he was also going to her lessons. She’s extremely strong, smart, and always keeps her calm, making her seem perfect. However, Hakushu Murasame’s hobby is thinking up really stupid puns I’m not paid enough to try to translate. She does one of these in her introduction video. She often ends up confusing people with her puns.


Hakushu Murasame was designed by Sogenori Soejima, who’s known for the Persona series. All the character designers and seiyuu revealed so far really show how Sega put everything on their side to make Shin Sakura Taisen a massive success.

Shigenori Soejima shared some comments on his work:

Shigenori Soejima mentioned how Sakura Taisen first released when he just started working in the game industry, so it left a huge impact on him. He was really excited when he heard the series is finally getting revived and was contacted to work on it. Hakushu Murasame is a mysterious character and a bit different than what kind of characters he usually designs. He’s extremely happy to be working on such a renowned series as Sakura Taisen, and he’s looking forward to playing the game.

Comments from the Shin Sakura Taisen development team on Hakushu Murasame were also shared. The message basically said they wanted to do a mysterious character, hence why they asked Soejima to do it.

During the stream, Producer Katano also revealed Hakushu Murasame was supposed to be a male character. However, Shigenori Soejima really wanted to draw a female character, so they changed her gender.

Sega also published new videos showing some rough design art. The first one is for the Shangai Assault Force characters designed by Yukiko Horiguchi, the London Assault Force characters designed by Abec/BUNBUN, and the Berlin Assault Force characters designed by Fumikane Shimada.
The second video is for the Imperial City characters designed by Noizi Ito, the mascot Gekizoukun designed by Ken Sugimori, and Hakushu Murasame designed by Shigenori Soejima.


PS4 exclusive Project Sakura Wars launches on December 12 in Japan and in Spring 2020 in the west. A demo will be launching on the Japanese PlayStation Store on November 21. We’ve covered every single detail Sega revealed so far:

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