Project Sakura Wars Main Story Takes Around 40 Hours to Beat, Demo Teased

Shin Sakura Taisen Producer Tetsu Katano teased that a demo will be released before the game's Japanese launch on December 12.

September 17, 2019

As you should know if you’ve followed our coverage, Sega is serious with reviving Sakura Taisen. The new game in the series, Shin Sakura Taisen, is also getting a manga (which already started), an anime and a stage play. Personally speaking, I was worried, thinking if they ended up going for quality over quantity with the game itself, making it into a really nice but short experience. Thankfully, this isn’t the case.

Multiple big Japanese outlets (4Gamer, Game Watch, Inside, Gamer, IGN Japan) got to interview Shin Sakura Taisen Producer Tetsu Katano and Director Tetsuya Otsubo at Tokyo Game Show 2019. Here are some translated excerpts of the interviews, revealing new info.


First, here are some details regarding the game’s length and optional content:

Katano: I recently playtested the game from start to finish, without doing much of the side-content, and it took me around 40 hours. But if you do all the side content, it’ll take you quite a while.

The previous Sakura Taisen games had varying lengths, with 4 being very short compared to the others. 40 hours without counting the side content is pretty long for the series. This might be the biggest game yet in the series, even.

Otsubo: Each girl has her own route like in past games. And we included many optional side events, like exclusive date events and character exclusive events. But we didn’t include too much either.
Katano: That way, players won’t have to worry too much about missables and replaying the game multiple times.

Next, they also teased that a demo will be released by December.

Katano: There are many people who couldn’t attend TGS. Even people who did attend might have not been able to play the demo seeing how popular it was. So I want to let them experience the game in some way. I’d like to release a demo before the game’s launch.

I was personally expecting a demo seeing they actually made the demo’s title screen display “体験版/demo version” instead of something like “TGS Demo”, hinting that it might get released to the public.

They also spoke about how Nana Mizuki and Rie Kugimiya ended up in the game as Eris and Margeret’s seiyuu respectively:

Otsubo: Nana Mizuki fits Eris pretty well. And a lot of staff members actually really wanted to put Nana Mizuki in the game (laughs). We discussed it, then contacted her agency, and it was decided. As for Rie Kugimiya, we thought we needed another legendary seiyuu to voice the character in the same team as Nana Mizuki. And seeing Margaret’s character design and personality, Rie Kugimiya was the best choice possible (laughs).
Katano: It’s possible we actually already imagined Rie Kugimiya voicing Margaret when writing her lines.

So basically they picked the two seiyuu that fit the most the two characters’ archetype.

They were also asked about how they announced a Shin Sakura Taisen stage play, but no musicals with the seiyuu like with the other games, and if there are other unannounced projects:

Katano: For now we can’t say more than what we announced. But you should keep in mind there are other things we’re preparing we didn’t announce yet.
Otsubo: Not only Sega, but Sega Sammy Group as a whole is preparing various things, so look forward to it.

I couldn’t be more excited for the game now and highly looking forward to the demo and the Japanese release on December 12.

We’ve covered all the Shin Sakura Taisen stage events at Tokyo Game Show 2019: The TGS 2019 day 1 stage event had new gameplay and trailers. The TGS 2019 day 2 stage event included the anime’s announcement. The TGS 2019 day 3 stage event revealed more gameplay, the opening animation sequence, and detailed the Limited Edition’s artbook. The TGS 2019 day 4 stage event included the musicals’ announcement, details on the Limited Edition’ OST CDs, and comments from series composer Kohei Tanaka.

You can also read our summaries of the previous Shin Sakura Taisen streams: the first stream, the second stream (part 2) and the third stream. Lastly, you can check the info from the game’s first demo event. The next stream will be happening in October.

PS4 exclusive Shin Sakura Taisen will be coming a bit later in the west, in Spring 2020. The game is temporarily named Project Sakura Wars outside Japan.

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