Project Sakura Wars Introduces Hatsuho and Elise Character Songs, New Demo Events Announced

Music videos for Maaya Uchida and Nana Mizuki's songs. The next Shin Sakura Taisen stream has been dated and will feature Kohei Tanaka.

October 7, 2019

Remember how we reported that Project Sakura Wars’ Producer Tetsu Katano said that they wish for people who couldn’t attend TGS 2019 to try out the game as well? Well, Sega announced multiple demo events for Project Sakura Wars will be held across Japan. You can check the dates and locations for each demo event on the official site. If you’re in Japan and can attend them in the first place, you can probably manage this yourself.

Hopefully, these demo events weren’t the sole thing Sega had in mind, and we’ll actually get a Project Sakura Wars demo on PSN. One thing for sure though, is that this hypothetical demo won’t release before the last demo event on November 10, or else the events themselves would be pointless.

Next, Sega also revealed the music videos for two Shin Sakura Taisen character songs. We’ve got Hatsuho’s character song, sung by her seiyuu Maaya Uchida. And then we’ve got Elise’s character song, sung by her seiyuu Nana Mizuki. Each video also shows some new exclusive gameplay scenes:

Hatsuho’s music video shows her piloting her Spirit Particle Fighter, a Mugen type that has been customized for her, wielding a huge hammer. We also get to see Hatusho punching people. Producer Katano previously mentioned how Hatsuho is really nice but can talk with her fists depending on the situation, and the players’ choices. The video also features some of Hatsuho’s exclusive events with Seijuro, like a festival scene. The voice Maaya Uchida uses for Hatsuho’s song also sounds like the voice she does for Wakana in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. You should definitely watch this anime if you haven’t yet.

Next, we have Elise’s character song music video, The captain of the Berlin Schwarzer Stern and her teammate Margarethe pilots Spirit Particle Fighters called Eisen Jäger. Kohei Tanaka previously mentioned the orchestra on Elise’s song has over 60 people. In the song, Nana Mizuki does her usual strong, powerful voice you could hear in Cross Ange for example. You should watch this too if you haven’t yet.

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The video also shows some cute moments with Margarethe. Cute moments “most players won’t get to see in their playtrhoguhs” according to Producer Katano, meaning they’re hard to see events.

Lastly, this month’s stream has been dated. The eighth “Sakura Taisen Imperial Communication Department’s Broadcast” stream will be held on October 11 at 20:00 JST. (Click here for time conversions).

The stream will feature Kohei Tanaka as a guest, meaning we’ll learn more about Shin Sakura Taisen’s OST, and they should reveal more character songs videos.

As always, we’ll cover the stream and provide a full summary. Here are our reports of the past seven streams listed with the info and gameplay they revealed:

Project Sakura Wars launches on December 12 in Japan and in Spring 2020 in the west, exclusively on PS4.

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