EA: Project Scorpio Is a Powerful Platform that Is Coming at the Right Time; Shows Gorgeous Images [UPDATED]

EA: Project Scorpio Is a Powerful Platform that Is Coming at the Right Time; Shows Gorgeous Images [UPDATED]

Electronic Arts talked about Project Scorpio, sharing some beautiful and ultra-detailed images of Madden NFL 18 running on Microsoft's new console.

Today, at Electronic Arts’ EA Play press conference, Executive Vice President and EA Worldwide Studios Head Patrick Söderlund talked about the upcoming console by Microsoft code named “Project Scorpio.”

“What we know today is that interactive entertainment will change more in the next five years then it has in the last 45. Together, we’re building that future. One that disrupts, empowers and is full of play.

To do that, we also need innovative new platform technology. So we were thrilled when we got our first Project Scorpio devkits from Microsoft… Six TeraFLOPS and true 4K graphical fidelity.”

Söderlund went on to describe a few Madden NFL 18 visuals that are “just a taste” of what can be accomplished by combining Electronic Arts’ proprietary FrostBite engine and Project Scorpio, explaining that the company is creating “The most detailed, high-resolution environments” that we’ve ever seen on a console.

After that, he concluded mentioning that Scorpio is a powerful platform coming to the industry at the right time.

“Madden looks absolutely stunning, but as game makers, awesome graphics and effects are just the beginning. The game has to feel amazing as well. Project Scorpio is a powerful platform that is coming at the right time.”

During his speech, Söderlund shared the images below. If you want to see more about Madden NFL 18 , you can check out the new trailer introducing the brand new story mode. We’ll probably learn a lot more about Project Scorpio tomorrow at Microsoft’s press conference at 2 PM PDT/5 PM EDT/10 PM BST.

Update: added the recording of the video, which shows a bit more motion (but unfortunately not much)