Report: Project Scorpio Will Cost $499 According to Geoff Keighley

Report: Project Scorpio Will Cost $499 According to Geoff Keighley

Geoff Keighley says "with confidence" that Microsoft's Project Scorpio will cost $499.

Many have been theorizing for a while about the price of Microsoft’s new console code named “Project Scorpio,” but YouTube Live and E3 Coliseum host Geoff Keighley mentioned today on Twitter something that sounds like more than a theory.

The tweet followed another in which Keighley mentioned that he was “pretty confident,” which appears to indicate that his sources confirmed the price afterwards.

Of course, we should still take this information with the customary grain of salt, but considering Keighley’s industry connection, it’s not unlikely that it’s accurate.

Project Scorpio has been partly unveiled back in April, sporting rather impressive hardware specs, including 6 teraFLOPS of computing power and 12 gigabytes of RAM.

A few days ago, Microsoft provided a sneak peak on the development kits, which are even more powerful to give developers some headroom to work with.

Yesterday, during its own press conference, Electronic Arts shared a few images of Madden NFL 18 rendered on the console, mentioning that it’s a powerful platform coming at the right time.

With Microsoft’s press briefing coming in a few hours (at 2 PM PDT or 5 PM EDT), we’ll know soon whether Keighley’s assessment is accurate or not.

Update: the leak was indeed accurate, and the price was announced at $499 during Microsoft’s press conference.