Project Wingman, Flying Action Game with VR Support, Revealed At PC Gaming Show 2020

Revealed at PC Gaming Show 2020, Project Wingman is an impressive arcade dogfight action game coming soon on PC via Steam, in Summer 2020.

Project Wingman is a brand new dogfight action game, announced today at PC Gaming Show 2020. An exciting and promising trailer showing the game in action was revealed during the event.

Project Wingman is developed by Sector D2 and published by Humble Games. It’ll be coming to PC via Steam in Summer 2020; no precise release date was communicated. The game will be VR compatible.

Project Wingman promises refined gameplay, an engaging single player experience, perfect if you’d like anything but a simulator. The game will be fast-paced and feature many different environments. It’ll also include futuristic weapons like railguns and geothermal-powered armaments. Whether you are an attack aircraft pilot, skimming the ground with a gatling gun and rocket launchers attached to your wing, or an interceptor with long range, almost sniper-like missiles at your disposal, it will be up to you to prove yourself as an Ace pilot.

You can catch the trailer right below. We’ve included some pretty cool screenshots further below as well.

Multiple missions and game modes will be available. One we’ve notably heard of is Conquest Mode, a territory capture game, inspired from roguelikes and RPGs. Players will have to earn enough money to not only upgrade their own plane, but build a mercenary army of their own. Bosses and enemy ace pilots will stand in your way. You’ll have to take on waves of increasingly difficult opposition as you keep going out in missions.

Personally speaking, I’ll be keeping a close eye on Project Wingman and see if it’ll turn out to be a serious competitor to Ace Combat 7. In any case, seeing more plane games, be it simulators, or arcades ones like Project Wingman, is always a good thing in my book.

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