Promo Video Streamed for New Pokémon XY Special, Will Air in Japan This Spring

on December 3, 2014 7:04 AM

A new Pokemon special called Pokémon XY Special: The Strongest Mega Evolution ~Act III~ (Pocket Monsters XY Tokubetsu Hen: Saikyō Mega Shinka ~Act III~ in Japan) received its first promotional stream from Pokémon Company today.

Pokemon XY

The special itself will debut sometime this spring in Japan. TV Tokyo revealed the series synopsis:

Mega Evolution. A new evolutionary form introduced in the Kalos Region. Is it really possible for all Pokémon to undergo Mega Evolution? This story revolves around a young trainer named Allen and his partner Lizadon (Charizard). Allen’s objective on his journey is to “defeat all Mega Evolution Pokémon and stand at the top of the strongest summit.” Along their journey Allen and Charizard meet and battle with Mega Absol and Mega Gaburias (Mega Garchomp). Additionally, Allen will battle with Zumi (Siebold), one of the Kalos Elite Four. Does Siebold also have a Mega Evolution Pokémon? Why is Allen so obsessed with Mega Evolution? And what is the real purpose of his journey?

You can check out the promo video below, complete with a handy translation of the dialogue featured in said video.

Narrator: A story of Mega Evolutions. The stage moves to the Hoenn region.
Daigo (Steven): There’s some kind of a connection between Rayquaza and the ruins!
Adeku (Alder): Don’t separate from the champion.
Narrator: When the crimson supreme ruler of the earth and the king of the deep sea awaken, the Hoenn region will face its greatest threat. Pocket Monsters XY Tokubetsu Hen.
Adeku: Allen. If you wish to fulfill your ambitions, then become the strongest there ever was.

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