Protagonist Showcases New Classes in Mobius Final Fantasy Screenshots, Release Date Changed to Early June

on May 29, 2015 12:10 PM

Square Enix revealed a new batch of Mobius Final Fantasy screenshots featuring our very handsome protagonist wielding several new classes for the game. The official release date for the iOS and Android has also been revealed to be June 4th, which is later than the originally planned spring release.

The first class is Hunter, which has a good balance of offense and defense but is not skilled in techniques. Its Deathblow move is Arrow Rain and the additional attack is Snipe which bestows the effect of critical up.

Next is Dark Knight, which has low defense and HP but incredibly powerful attacks. Deathblow is Chaos Bringer and its additional attack is Drain, which recovers HP.

Thief has high magic, low offense and defense and high critical hit ratio. The Deathblow move is Trick Attack and the additional attack is Stun, which briefly stops an enemy’s movement and attack.

Black Mage has incredibly high magic and critical hit ratio. The class’s Deathblow is Bio-Blaster which deals poison damage and the additional attack is Bio, which deals the same type of damage.

You can check out the screenshots of the new classes in the gallery below.

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