Proteus Coming to the PS3 and PS Vita With New Features

A little while back, Curve Studios had announced that they would be working with Ed Key and David Kanaga, the creators of the critically-acclaimed indie title Proteus, on bringing the game over to the PS3 and PS Vita this fall. Now Ed Key is announcing some new changes to the game, which will including “remixing” how players engage with the world.

Key has described Proteus often as a “music exploration game” and a “constantly-remixing ambient album,” one that doesn’t care about tasks and scores and checklists, but that immerses players into an island world and encourages them to enjoy the magic of wandering and getting lost. On the Vita, instead of just exploring just randomly generated islands, players can now have an island based off of their current geographical location: Key mentions, as an example, how his house has a “weird purple sea, green sky in the evening and some pleasant (but still very purple) inland lakes.” On both the PS3 and PS Vita, players can also generate an island for the current date, though I honestly have no idea what that entails. Does that mean we can have a Tuesday island or a October 8th island or, at the end of the year, a Christmas Holiday island?

More news will becoming soon regarding ways for users to interact with the environment using the Vita’s back touch screen, though no word has been given yet on when Proteus is set to release on Sony consoles. For now, just enjoy a few more screenshots.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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