Prototype 2 “Get in the Game” Promotion Launches

Prototype 2 “Get in the Game” Promotion Launches

Alex Mercer is one bad ass mofo. He has destroyed men, women, probably children, buildings, helicopters, tanks; hell, he’s pretty much obliterated anything in his path while infected with the Blacklight virus — a virus that gave him incredible powers. And while he saved New York from infection in the first game, Mr. Mercer returns in Prototype 2 as protagonist Sgt. James Heller’s main target for redemption, blaming mercer for the death of his wife and child.

If you’re a fan of Prototype, you will be excited to hear about Activion and Gamestop’s “Get in the Game” promotion, which will put you in the upcoming open-world action thriller from Radical Entertainment.

U.S. and Canadian players, over the age of 18, who pre-order Prototype 2 at Gamestop between now and September 1 will have the chance to go online and enter a random drawing to win a trip for two to Radican Entertainment’s house in Vancouver, Canada and become a character in the game. Awesome, eh?

Ken Rosman, Studio Head at Radical Entertainment, says “In addition to just seeing themselves in the game, the winners will actually be able to locate their virtual selves and shape-shift Sgt. James Heller into their likeness.” From the sounds of it, you will be able to, pretty much, kill yourself while playing as Heller, and “absorb” the appearence, as done in the previous game.

To enter the drawing, and for full rules and regulations, go to Canadian folk will need to head to for entries.

Prototype 2 is due to release in North America for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the Windows PC on April 2012.