Prototype 2 Trailer: The Red Zone

A new CG trailer for Prototype 2 was released over the weekend. Sgt. James Heller the new protagonist is still as angry as ever in the pursuit of his ultimate goal: killing Alex Mercer, the hero of the previous Prototype game.

The video shows off some impressive moves and is very fast paced. You can, as always, consume almost everything around you . At some point, Heller transforms a solider into some kind of bomb and throws it at an infected, which then proceeds to explode. The video also has a bullet time moment, but it remains to be seen if this is just for show or an actual gameplay mechanic.

New York City can’t take a break huh? The game will be out in 2012 on Xbox360, PS3 and PC. Trailer after the break.

Isshak Ferdjani

Isshak started gaming with the NES, and has owned almost every console since then. He was born in Togo, grew up in Benin, studied in the US and now goes to college in France! You don't get more international than that, and his weird cultural background is reflected in his favorite games, which range from Final Fantasy to Bit Trip Runner to Dead Space to Deus Ex!

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