PS Mobile's "Life of Pixel" Gets Major Updates, Thanks To Twitter

February 27, 2013

Life of Pi won big at the Oscars; developer Super Icon Ltd’s creative director Richard Hill-Whittall wants Life of Pixel to win over frustrated gamers.

Life of Pixel follows Pixel, a frustrated pixel who hates being just part of a crowd… and so one night decides to break into a video game museum, which allows Pixel to go into various retro consoles, and explore levels based on that console’s graphics and games. The problem was, the game was reportedly a bit of a mess at times.

In a Playstation Blog update, Hill-Whittall has just reported major updates that have gone into Life of Pixel, updates to issues fans communicated to Hill-Whittall over Twitter. These updates include:

  • Improved audio, that further differentiates between the different consoles and eras, and fixes that sound errors that happened on certain devices.
  • Color palettes were corrected in certain stages.
  • Certain stage layouts were improved, with Hill-Whittall playing the entire game over and over until improved. One example: the leap of faith, which sometimes forced players to fall a long distance into an enemy and die, completely reliant on luck than skill. Hill-Whittall said that the game is not necessarily easier, but more a test of skill than chance, now.
  • A “Restart Level” button was added.
  • A Sega Master System was added, and unlockable once players collected 64 special gems.

You can check out screenshots of the game below. Now I wonder how many Tweets it’d take to get a PS4 stage thrown in…

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