Streaming Service PS Now Will Still Be a Thing on PS5

Streaming Service PS Now Will Still Be a Thing on PS5

PS5, launching on holiday 2020, will support the game streaming subscription service PS Now.

Sony revealed that the streaming service PS Now will also be available on PS5. The info comes through an interview with Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Network division’s Yasuhiro Osaki.  The interview is included in this week’s Famitsu magazine.

Yasuhiro Osaki also spoke on upcoming changes regarding PS Now. Basically, more popular games will be added to PS Now every month, but the number of time-limited additions will also increase.

The interview also reveals how Sony has currently no plans to bring PS Now to smartphones.

PlayStation Now is a subscription service that lets players enjoy over 700 games through streaming. Some titles are permanent while some are time-limited. The service currently includes PS2, PS3, and PS4 games. This is just a guess but Sony will probably add PS5 games sometime after the console’s launch. PS Now is currently available on PS4 and PC.

Sony will launch PS5 on holiday 2020. Multiple details on the PS5 were recently revealed, most notably how Sony is still working on the backward compatibility with PS4.