PS Now — February 2021’s New Additions Ranked

PS Now — February 2021’s New Additions Ranked

Detroit: Become Human, Little Nightmares and Darksiders Genesis are the pick of this month's additions.

A new month means new releases on a range of different services. Yesterday, the first batch of Xbox Games With Gold titles went live and next up are the PS Now, February releases. As we did with the Games with Gold titles, we’re here to help you pick which of the new titles to load up first.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds

In lieu of releasing a “proper” new 2K game this year, the WWE went a different route. 2K Battlegrounds adds an arcade spin on the classic wrestling games. The superstars are more cartoony and the action way more over the top. Sadly, it doesn’t really hit home. We scored the game a very mediocre 5.5 in our official review.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

This could be a contentious one depending on where you stand. For me, personally, the Black Ops series of Call of Duty games is the middle of the road selection. They’re solid games, with decent campaigns and some good multiplayer action, however, they never really excel. This will certainly please some though!

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

The Hotline Miami games are great. They’re a fun release and a great way to pass time. Expect plenty of crimes, violence and a variety of factions in this top-down GTA-like.

Darksiders Genesis

Whatever happened to the B-Tier hack ‘n’ slash games? Back in the day, they were a dime a dozen, however, slowly, as gaming tastes changed, the genre dropped off. Developers Airship Syndicate have done their best in replicating that feel with Darksiders Genesis, however, and it’s a game that we scored a 9/10.

Detroit: Become Human

I had a blast with Detroit: Become Human. It certainly won’t be everybody’s cup of tea but the game does a great job of telling a story in an interesting, dystopian world all from a unique perspective. It has a lot of high points and a smattering of lower ones but for those who like story-heavy games in which every decision is impactful — Detroit: Become Human is for you.

Little Nightmares

After appearing as part of last months Games with Gold titles, Little Nightmares is part of the PS Now, February lineup. The game is an indie puzzle-platformer with a strong horror vibe. It’s another one that we scored a 9/10 and is definitely with a playthrough before the sequel releases later this month.

And there we have it. DualShocker’s official ranking of the PS Now, February releases. Let us know what you think in the comments below.