PS Plus Upgrade Plan Explained: What Happens To Your Current Membership [UPDATED]

Pay the difference, upgrade your tier!

May 24, 2022

Update: PlayStation officially announced in a tweet that due to a mistake, the players who already had purchased a PS Plus subscription at a discount were charged extra for upgrading to a higher tier. The affected players will receive the extra charged amount back.

Original Story: The new PS Plus system will allow you to upgrade your current subscription plan to a higher tier, but if you wonder how that exactly works, we can guide you through it.

While the North American and European players are yet to receive the new PS Plus subscription plans, it is already available in some Asian countries. However, if you plan to upgrade your current subscription plan to either Extra or Premium tiers, the calculation of the extra cost you need to pay becomes a little bit confusing.

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In order to get rid of this confusion, we have already broken down the upgrade calculations for each tier of the new PlayStation Plus subscriptions. So, let’s begin!

PS Plus Upgrade Plan: How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade Your PS Plus Essential to Extra or Premium?

First of all, you can’t decide on how much of your current subscription you want to be upgraded to a higher tier. Sony only allows you to upgrade the entire rest of your current subscription, whether it is one day or many years!

Up to next, you might have noticed that purchasing a yearly subscription of PS Plus Extra or Premium will cost you far less than renewing your membership month by month for an entire year. While that’s still the case for upgrading your subscription, Sony will take back any discounts that you had previously received for purchasing your current subscription, according to the Asian players who have already received access to the new PS Plus tiers.

So, let’s break it down. A yearly subscription to PS Plus Essential (your current subscription plan) costs $60. However, if you have purchased it during a sale for any price less than $60, you should pay that discounted amount back to Sony when you upgrade to a higher tier based on how much of your current subscription is left. (Update on May 26 : This was actually a mistake by Sony, and affected players will get back that mistakenly charged amount.)

Now, putting this unique condition aside, you will need to pay the difference between your current subscription plan and your new subscription plan when you want to upgrade.

Your Current Subscription’s StatusThe Cost of Upgrade to Extra in $USThe Cost of Upgrade to Premium in $US
You had purchased a yearly membershipDays left until expiration × 40/365Days left until expiration × 60/365
You had purchased a quarterly membershipDays left until expiration × 15/365Days left until expiration × 25/365
You had purchased a monthly membershipDays left until expiration × 5/365Days left until expiration × 8/365

The new PlayStation Plus tiers will be available on June 13 in North America and June 23 in Europe for PS4, PS5, and PC.

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