PS Vita Accessory with R2 and L2 Triggers for PS4 Remote Play Gets Crowdfunding Campaign

PS Vita Accessory with R2 and L2 Triggers for PS4 Remote Play Gets Crowdfunding Campaign

Clever accessory improving PS4 Remote Play on PS Vita gets a crowdfunding campaign in Japan.

Remember the clever PS Vita accessory by the Japanese manufacturer Joetsu Electronic Industries providing L2 and R2 triggers for PS4 Remote Play?

The grip functions by transmitting static energy from your fingers to the back pad of the PS Vita via conductive rubber, and it works quite well in providing a good tactile sensation.

The company send in a press release today announcing that they’re bringing it to crowd funding.

The version for the original PS Vita 1000 has been quite popular, and Joetsu had to increase production several times. Since they are a small company that isn’t even specialized in video games accessories (they normally work on LED lighting, hydroponic agriculture and similar hi-tech businesses), they kept production limited to avoid having situations with excessive inventory, but this meant not having enough supply to satisfy customers.

Hence, the decision to bring the grip to crowd funding. The campaign has actually been actiove on the Japanese Kickstarter clone Campfire for few days, and already passed its original goal of 327,500 yen. It’s currently sitting on 459,578 yen, which is about $4,134, with eighteen days to go.

The campaign is designed to help Joetsu gauge production needs, and provide a steadier supplier with an already established customer base.

Incidentally, we also get to see the face of the man who pushed for the creation of this clever accessory, the company’s Senior Managing Director, who also happens to be a passionate gamer.

The grip has been available to western games on and off via PlayAsia, but it’s currently out of stock. It’ll be interesting to see if the crowd funding campaign will let more western gamers enjoy the accessory as well.