PS Vita Exclusive “Flame Wars” Game Net High Gets First Screenshots and Teaser Trailer

PS Vita Exclusive “Flame Wars” Game Net High Gets First Screenshots and Teaser Trailer

Marvelous just released the first screenshots and a teaser trailer of Net High, described as an “Explosive Flame Wars” game by the publisher and scheduled for release in Japan this Fall.

The game is set in the year 20XX, when a small minority of the “real” people (meaning real life people) governs the world. Those that are considered “non real” are reviled and despised, and their existence is shunned.

Finally, a group of individual appears to lead the “Non real,” with the sole help of strange glasses and an AI. Yet, when they wear these glasses, the road to the “Net High” opens, as they declare war on the “real” people.

We also get to catch a glimpse on the game’s characters, the protagonist Mr. I, Cill AKA Nabi-Ko, Mr. Elite AKA Buka-ko and The Master of Ceremonies, shortened MC.

Mr. I is a 21 year-old part-time worker. Yet he’s also the strongest “Non-real” in history. His only pleasure in life is reading “that person’s” tweets on Twitter, and collecting memorabilia of the super hero Kossetsuman.

Yet, receving the ultra-high performance wearable MEGA-NEXUS (the glasses) changes his life. Normally his social skills are sub-par, but when he wears the glasses their hypnotic feature activates, turning him into a boastful and super-positive individual.

Cill is the most “junk AI” in human history, and is installed in the MEGA-NEXUS wearable device that is suddenly delivered to Mr. I. She’s very curious and has a keen interest in Mr. I, but she tends to be a bit scatterbrained. Occasionally, she has a strange lonely expression.

Mr. Elite (self-procilaimed) says of himself that he’s an absolute winner, a super-first-class human being,  with a top-notch live, but that might not be entirely accurate.

MC appeared suddenly as the absolute moderator of the city’s system and has also taken control of Twitter. Her behavior is mysterious and moody. She also administers the “ENJ Battle” network.

The game is divided in two parts: The first parts consists in prowling social media to gain followers and information on the “real” people who lie online about their real life. The second stage involves confronting and exposing them with a flame war in the “ENJ Battle” social service, causing them to lose followers and popularity.

If you think this sounds like an extremely weird game (in an intriguing way), you’re not the only one.

I guess this could become the dream game of the average console warrior, but in the meanwhile you can check out the video, screenshots and artwork below.